Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Restaurant Review: The Committed Pig

There are a lot of brunch places down the shore. Like, a ton. Unfortunately, however, the majority of these places are simply not good. There are places that are near the beach but their food is the worst. There are places where the food is pretty good, but they're located in east bumble. There are also delicious bagel places but the lines go out the door and around the corner. You simply cannot win.

Enter The Committed Pig in Manasquan, NJ

Holy brunch batman. 

The Committed Pig is not for the faint of heart. Nor is it for the people who are on strict diets. The very focus of the restaurant is one of my absolute favorite breakfast foods...pork roll. Oh yes, the delicious pressed meat also known as Taylor Ham. If you do not know about pork roll, you clearly need to take a much needed trip to New Jersey, because it is basically only available in the state and those close to it.

Anyway, The Committed Pig is a heart attack waiting to happen, but I can assure you that you will go with a smile on your face.

The one negative about the Pig is that they do not serve liquor. However, the first time my family went to brunch there, we obviously inquired as to whether we could bring our own....good news? You can! Better news? There's a liquor store right down the block! (although for you Sunday brunchers, remember the NJ liquor law and pick up your liquor when you make your third booze stop of the weekend.) And they provide your mixers--we've made both mimosas and bloody mary's and the servers are always happy to give you all the mixers you need.


Once you are set with your booze, its time to check out the menu. It is separated into a few sections

  • brunch, which includes a variety of pancakes and french toasts
  • eggs, which, unsurprisingly, includes omelets and equally boring traditional brunch food
  • taylor ham & cheese section, which is the one I suggest EVERYONE who visit the restaurant focus on cause it is AMAZING
  • grilled cheese, which has some pretty unique selections 
  • soup and salads - BORING again
  • burgers, which, like the grilled cheese, have fabulous looking selections, and if it is cooked on the same flat top as the pork roll, I can only imagine how delicious it is

My family has tried a ton of different options, but the below are the ones I remembered to take before the summer was over (aka I went with two of my best friends and they reminded me not to chow down until I took quick pictures)

My usual - the general taylor ham (pork roll, american cheese) with eggs and avocado added

Can you say YUM? Or DELICIOUS? Or GET IN MY BELLY I'm getting hungry just looking at the picture?

Seriously. De-lic-ious. If I were to bring anyone to the Pig (and trust me, I have--as I said, these pics are from when my friends joined me down the shore; my brother has also brought people here and my parents wax philosophical about the deliciousness whenever anyone will listen)

milk and cereal french toast

Apparently I am not as convincing a host as I should be, and my friends did not also order the general taylor ham...which I guess is good, cause otherwise I would have all pictures of the exact same thing. 

view of the interior of the french toast

The Milk & Cereal french toast has a corn flake crust with bavarian creme filling and served with bacon. It was no general taylor ham but, to be honest, it was delicious. I'm not a big "sweets for breakfast" type of person, but I would definitely split one of these for a dessert if I came in the late afternoon.

Last but not least, my other friend got one of the grilled cheeses. To be entirely honest, I don't remember exactly which on this is, although I'm leaning towards the fig n brie, as she is a vegetarian and all of the others have meat in them.

In case you can't tell, I HIGHLY recommend visiting the Committed Pig, although I also hate the idea of doing so because I'm going to have a longer wait next time I do (p.s., no reservations, no matter how big the power)

If you're interested, you can find it at online here or visit 168 Main Street in Manasquan.

To visit The Committed Pig, find it online (www.thecommittedpig.com/thepig.) or in person at 168 Main Street in Manasquan, NJ. But if you spot me, and you're ahead of me, its just good blog etiquette to offer your favorite blogger your table. #justsaying

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