Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of you wonderful women who have given birth and raised beautiful, independent and successful children. Unsurprisingly, a big shout out goes to my lady of choice, Freddi, who is everything I hope I can ever be in my lifetime. Thanks for making me the person I am today.

This weekend was the third-annual O'Brien ladies weekend. My mum came up to NYC and we had a lovely couple of days, starting with dinner at Spice Market, brunch at Pastis, shopping in Meatpacking and the West Village, dinner at Sushi of Gari before trekking home for actual Mother's Day. 

Good news--my parent's new kitchen (basically an entirely new first floor) is complete! Thus for Mother's Day, my mum was incredibly excited to cook in it for the first time! We started with breakfast (as the day is wont to do), with me making pork roll, egg and cheese sandwiches with a side of bacon for the lady we were celebrating. We then barbecued for lunch before heading to the country club for the Mother's Day Scramble -- the four of us had lots of fun and spent some serious quality time doing something other  than eating.

Here are some pictures from the very cool remodel:

the new stovetop area with massive industrial (and gorg) hood

the new massive island--it will fit 6 people comfortably--with below cabinet microwave, sink and area for cookbooks!

the new refrigerator and bar cabinets with glass panes rather than wood

my dad and Kodi's nook--areas for all her leashes and toys and a small washer/dryer to clean their muddy stuff

new outside door and TV that is on one wall--the DVR is going to be moved into the garage (behind that wall) so it is hidden

Pretty cool right! It is very fancy, all new appliances and definitely the hub of the house--especially with that massive TV to keep those who are not cooking occupied. And designed entirely with my family in mind by my lovely mother! Nice work girl.

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