Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Traditional Summer Dish Revived

I've really been in the mood for summer lately. I mean COME ON it has been such a tease lately--the weather is in the 80s, but it is cloudy or rainy or just not so great. I'm dying for long days spent at the beach, eating dinner on the sidewalk outside New York restaurants and grilling!

One of my favorite simple summer dishes is Italian sausage and peppers. You can eat it plain, cook it with potatoes, onions and mushrooms, put it on a sandwich with marinara sauce...the possibilities are endless! I only ever eat it during summer, however, because it is traditionally a grilled meal.

Not anymore my friends.

Just like when you cook this outside, reviving this during cooler (or even frigid) months is still a very simple process. Cut your onions and peppers into small pieces. Line a baking sheet with tin foil and put the veggies on it, tossing with olive oil. If you want to go super simple, stick the raw sausage on top of the veggies and cook in the oven at 450F. Little more time? Using your grill pan, grill the sausage over high heat before plopping them on the veggie tray.

Either way, a summer-style dinner is ready, inside, in no time at all. 

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