Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend - Part One

Welcome back to real life! I have to say, I have not missed it. This Memorial Day weekend was a fabulous one, full of family, laughs and, of course, lots of food!!


As I wrote last week, on Thursday I went home to go to dinner with my parents for a joint birthday (mine) and anniversary (theirs) dinner at the lovely Nectar in Berwyn, PA. It was, as usual, absolutely delicious and we made quite a dent into their menu. We started with edamame, which is unusual at Nectar as they actually fry it, as well as the calamari. I love the sauces they serve with the calamari--one is a hoisin based sauce and the other a papaya one. I like to dip my calamari in both before eating it. And the calamari is very light as it is tempura fried as opposed to the kind you get at Italian restaurants. We then moved on to dumplings--the pork pot stickers, which were lovely as always, and the new edamame dumplings which, I have to say, were AH-mazing. Like seriously so good. I also ordered a roll at that point (neither of my parents are huge on sushi) that had jumbo lump crab on the inside and was topped with salmon, avocado and tuna. It was good, but the crab was not shelled very well, and it was a pretty big turn off. I then ordered some sashimi--salmon, scallop (my favorite! if you've never had it, GET IT. Seriously, it's amazing) and bluefin toro. My parents got pork and chinese sausage fried rice and chili beef. 

And that was just the FIRST night of the weekend! You can see why this is going to take me multiple posts to share.

The next night we stayed at my parents and ate on our deck overlooking our pool, which was just opened the day before and was thus a sparkling blue.

And got to protect our food from this little (ok, big) nugget. 

Just kidding, she doesn't steal food--she's spoiled, and get it put into her bowl after we finish eating. I swear, Kodi eats better than I do. Anyway, of course we grilled deliciousness...look at the grill master--

photogenic, isn't he? Dad, are your eyes closed?! Nice.

Since we knew we'd be eating like fatties all weekend, we just made a basic dinner--my parents had pork chops, I had a strip steak, grilled baked potatoes (does that even make sense?), grilled asparagus and steamed broccoli. Although my dad is willing to grill justttt about anything, even he was stumped by how to grill broccoli.

barbecue pork chops on the grill

asparagus with chili pepper (obviously), salt and olive oil. If you grill asparagus, make sure to soak it in water for 20 minutes first or it cracks and is not so good.

And now for your (ok my) viewing pleasure, more pics of me stalking my dog trying to get a good shot. For some reason she realllly dislikes cameras. She must take after her owner (cough *daddy* cough).

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