Sunday, May 6, 2012

Menu Planning Sunday

So this week was much more busy than I planned. Isn't that always how it is? I make a nice plan of eating at home and going to the gym and then the world implodes and instead I'm ordering takeout at 11 pm or going to drinks with friends that morphs into dinner that morphs into another bar. Rough life huh?

Well maybe not a rough life, but rough on my wallet at least. So this week, rather than eating fancy meals (or at least ones that LOOK fancy), I'm going to eat extremely-wallet friendly meals. Which, as I'm sure you know, tend to be absolutely delicious and not necessarily the healthiest, but do often have the lowest number of ingredients. Eating these means I will be trekking to the gym most days in an attempt to burn off those additional calories. And that doesn't hurt my wallet since I pay a monthly fee (I guess that means it does hurt, but I don't have to pull out my wallet every time I walk through the doors which is nice).

This also means that I'll be making some of my favorite family recipes. When my parents first got married, they were very young and my dad was going to law school. As you can imagine, their budget was tight, and they developed a lot of great recipes that were kind to their wallets. As kids, my brother and I used to love those recipes--I used tons of them when I was in college so I could save up for beer money--and I still do! I'm going to blog a couple of my faves and hopefully, when your mortgage payment looms or your rent check just got mailed or you bought a new expensive item you really needed but now you really neeed to live tight, you'll turn back to these posts and have some good ideas!

Monday: hotdogs and potatoes (my favorite recipes from my dad's law school days. Seriously addicting.)

Tuesday: chicken bundles (since I didn't make them this week!)

Wednesday: baked potato with my mom's famous chili

Thursday: lasagna/stuffed shells (have not decided which one, but it will be one or the other)

I go to my parents house Friday after work to spend Mother's Day weekend with my mum, and I'll most likely be cooking her a nice dinner on Saturday...but I have not decided what that nice dinner will be. Any suggestions?

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