Sunday, April 1, 2012

Meal Planning Sunday

Last week I ate meat. Like...a lot of meat. Like I ate more meat in a week than I have in a month in the past few years. I felt very...full. In a good way, sometimes, but I'm definitely not used to eating that much meat. So this week I'm going to give my poor belly a break and switch back to vegetarian/seafood. Maybe then by the weekend I'll be able to eat my weight in Easter ham!

The beautiful thing about eating a pescetarian diet is that, compared to a meat-based diet, it's much lower in cost...which, for a post-graduate living in NYC, is a very very good thing. Rather than spending a big chunk of money on meat, many types of fish are low in cost and often on sale. I'd recommend going to the grocery store with an idea of the type of fish you want, and then buying what's on sale. For example, this week I'll be making fish packets, for which I'll be using a light white fish. That gives me tons of options for the exact fish fillet I end up buying--if sole is on sale, I'll get that; if sea bass, then that's the one. The only fish you can't really exchange for is salmon, but salmon is generally always low in cost. 

Meals for the week of April 2nd 

Monday: leftover spaghetti pie (it's championship night, so I see myself at a bar and NOT wanting to cook when I get home...)

Tuesday: steamed white fish packet with summer squash and zucchini

Wednesday: eggplant with roasted tomato and homemade ricotta--that's right, finally I'll be trying to make ricotta since this weekend I was much too busy. If it's a success, I'll eat different appetizers with it. If not...chinese, here I come!

Thursday: salmon with strawberry salsa

Friday: lentil stuffed portobello mushroom

Saturday: flatbread with pesto, roasted red peppers, artichokes, goat cheese, etc.

My family is still trying to figure out which one of us is hosting Easter, but there's a good chance its going to be me...and I'm pretty excited about it! Menu details to follow, obviously...

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