Sunday, April 29, 2012

Menu Planning Sunday

Sorry for being the worst food blogger ever and like...not blogging about food. Ever since my vacation I just have not gotten back into the swing of cooking every night. But that is going to change this week! Mainly because my wallet/bank account says that I need to stop buying takeout every night. And I always listen to my wallet...

I've also decided that I need to blog more of my side dishes. Sometimes I have a really basic main course but a unique side dish, but I never end up blogging about them for some reason. But, that is going to change starting this week! 

My promise to you is to blog at least THREE recipes this week. Between now and next Sunday, three new delicious dishes will be up. Wish me luck!

Monday: eggplant rollatini

Tuesday: seared scallops with warm tuscan beans

Wednesday: chicken bundles (a delicious family recipe)

Thursday: salmon with sweet corn, tomato and avocado relish

Friday: roasted vegetables over quinoa

Saturday: a friend is in town; going out to dinner but making wild mushroom bruschetta as a snack to have with wine during our happy hour!

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