Thursday, September 13, 2012

Football Favorites

As you could probably tell from my Sunday Meal Planning post, I love me some football season.  I love going to games, I love watching them in a bar and I really love going to football parties -- the Superbowl obviously being the biggest.

In New York, because everyone's apartments are so small, we often go to bars. But sometimes we are lucky enough to have friends who have big enough apartments to host a group. Then you need to decide between the group of friends going to the bar and the group of friends going to the apartment...and the main question is, of course, what food will be there. 

Here are some of the usual suspects, and a few off the beaten track, that I would recommend for your football party this weekend...

A big bowl of this chili

these absolutely frigging adorable sliders and fries

these baked brown sugar wings with red pepper dip

if we're getting fancy, mini lobster rolls

these super easy baked cheese nuggets

buffalo chicken bites, for those who don't want to deal with bones lying around

corn dog bites? no brainer.

a bean and avocado salsa, for your vegetarian guests

little BLT bites

individually portioned seven layer dips -- no worry about double dipping!

a creamy jalapeno dip for the spice-lovers

and last, but not least, football designed oreo truffles. Because they're cute.

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