Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Meal Planning

Happy football season! Yes, I do realize that football season started on Wednesday, but, as a Giants fan, I've decided I'm just going to pretend that came didn't happen. So, as I said, welcome to football season!!

Sunday football is basically my favorite thing ever. Mainly because it is an excuse to drink for an entire day in the middle of winter. My thought process is...I graduated college. Spending an entire day drinking beer is pretty unacceptable in your mid-20s (I did say this was my thought process, right?) The two exceptions: drinking near a body of water (see also, summer shore drinking, lakeside drinking, vacation drinking) and drinking while watching football. And football even starts at a respectable 1:00 p.m. Although it's a Sunday, so brunch starts at 11:00. But I digress. Very respectable, drinking while watching football. Very adult.

This is also the day of the week I allow myself to eat like a total pig--I'm talking disco tots (the tot equivalent of disco fries. If you don't know what disco fries are, go to a Jersey diner and find out. But make sure its after 3 a.m. and you spent the night drinking and dancing. Otherwise, disco fries are more like disgusting fries), wings, nachos and pitchers of beer. I'm already excited for the next 3 months...

That being said, here is my meal plan for this week!

Monday: apricot-mustard grilled chicken

Tuesday: oven-fried flounder with black bean and avocado salsa

Wednesday: stuffed portobello mushrooms with roast tomatoes, peppers and goat cheese

Thursday: tomato, peach, corn and burrata salad 

Friday: salmon with avocado and tangerine salsa

I hope everyone's teams win their games (which is literally an impossibility since there is a loser in every game, but that's ok because my team already lost) and that you enjoy the first of many Sundays of football!

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