Monday, August 13, 2012

Another Belated Sunday Meal Planning

BIG news reveal today...I've been dying to tell you all, but until it was official, I didn't want to jinx it...last Wednesday I started a new job! I'm still working within the same industry, pharmaceutical public relations, but I've moved to a much smaller, independent agency. I'll miss my old company, who was absolutely amazing, but am really looking forward to my new opportunities. And speaking of opportunities, on Thursday (yes, my second day of work), I went with a few colleagues to Boston for a business trip. See what I mean by opportunities? 

Needless to say, with a business trip on my second day, I did not do very much cooking. In fact, starting with lunch on Wednesday, I literally ate every single meal in my office through Friday when we took our plane home. Hopefully this week will calm down a little, although my new job makes me especially happy about my recently purchased cookbook. Although the book is about family dinners and I eat by myself, the basic principle of getting food on the table before starving little munchkins (and in my house, that means me) get grumpy.

This week will be my test run! I'll be making only my classics that I know I can crank out quickly, as well as some of the speedy recipe in the cookbook. I've also decided to get a very large addition to my apartment (sadly, I do not mean a dog)...I'm getting a standalone freezer! You may have read my posts explaining (or just complaining) about my apartment-size fridge...for all of you who don't live in a city, this means that my entire fridge, freezer and all, is about a quarter of the size of a normal one. And my freezer is literally 4 inches tall. Not much can fit in that. Since I'll be spending longer hours at work, I'm using some of my new salary to purchase a lovely standalone so on days that I am stuck until all hours at the office I can simply pull out an individually-portioned baggy, heat it up and have dinner in minutes. Yum!

Monday: NY flank steak with red wine demi-glace, roasted asparagus (surprise) and corn

Tuesday: apricot-glazed chicken wings

Wednesday: (the day I'm hopefully getting rid of my ankle brace!) I will be going to the Yankees game with my mum and aunt

Thursday: either a) going to dinner with my aunt before she heads home if I can get out of work early or b) sliced steak and goat cheese sandwich

Friday: heading down the shore with two of my loves!

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