Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Quick Pics

Another busy week at my new company! I also had the pleasure of having some of my family come up to the city. My mum, aunt and cousin came on Wednesday for the Yankees game...sadly, the weather was awful and the game didn't even start until 9:00. By that time, we had already eaten dinner around the corner from my apartment and parted ways. 

The next night I went to dinner with my aunt, the only remaining family member in the city, at the amazing Riverpark. Riverpark is the newest restaurant by the always amazing Tom Colicchio, head judge on Top Chef and owner of my favorite restaurant in the city, Craft

Below are some of the random pictures I've snapped lately on my ever-present iPhone.

My new vase that my parents' bought me in Santa Fe! So gorg, and matches my fave flower (tiger lilies, for the record) perfectly!

My dinner two nights this week: NY strip steak, baked potato, roasted asparagus and corn

East coast oysters from Ocean Grill

My new favorite breakfast--whole wheat English muffin topped with almond butter (creamy with sea salt) and a banana

Amazing scallops at Riverpark! Served with corn (obviously), chanterelle mushrooms, tomatoes and bacon

patatas bravas, which a certain individual (who knows who he is) would not shut up about for months. I ATE IT, finally, and I will agree--it was absolutely delish.

fried artichokes. uh...yum.

whenever I'm actually in New York for an entire week I treat myself to flowers...what a pick me up this is when I come home from a long day of work!

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