Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Yogurt-Marinated Grilled Chicken

I like grilled chicken...kind of. Ok, I'm not the biggest fan. Actually I'm not the biggest fan of chicken in general. Have you ever touched that stuff? Talk about slimeyyyy. Ick.

Also...my family is obsessed with it. And by family, I mean parents. My brothers eats pretty much anything. Like, anything. My parents will eat pretty much...nothing. They don't even like steak. It pretty much comes down to chicken or pork. Do you know how easy it is to get sick of chicken and pork? During the summer, I would kill for a leg of lamb. Or some mussels. Or fish. Anyone heard of fish around here? Nope, chicken or pork please. 

Well I am sick of it. Putting the alert out--no chicken for me. However, one of my favorite blogs, Dinner: A Love Story, has a recipe for grilled chicken that is called, I kid you not, "Grilled Chicken for People Who Hate Grilled Chicken." Well...that sounds spot on. And...it kind of was. I'm not going to be running out this week to buy chicken, even if I were to make this recipe, but I was not totally against eating half a breast. And let's be honest, when you're totally sick of something, "not totally against" can be considered a massive compliment. 

Yogurt-Marinated Grilled Chicken
adapted from this recipe


Boneless chicken breasts, pounded flat* (we had 5)
2 cups plain yogurt
3 cloves minced garlic
Juice from 4 lemons
4 tbsp olive oil
Salt and pepper
1 tsp sugar


1. In a large bowl, combine the yogurt, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, sugar and hefty helpings of salt and pepper. Whisk until the combo is emulsified. Place raw chicken breasts into a ziplock bag; pour the mixture over top, making sure to mush around to ensure all chicken is coated. Marinate for 3+ hours.

2. Heat and oil your grill. Add the chicken and grill, flipping once, until cooked through.

*I had the butcher I bought the chicken from do this. If you're buying it in packs, place chicken between two pieces of plastic wrap. Using a pan (since you're not tenderizing, just flattening, dont use your meat tenderizer)

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