Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Meal Planning

I'm excited to share that, because of the early spring, this week is the first week for my CSA pick up! As you may remember, I joined a community supported agriculture group in which you receive veggies directly from farmers--in my case, Roxbury Farms in Kinderhook, NY. This is an additional pick-up as lots of veggies are ready to be harvested and I'm pretty darn psyched to get my first one!

The good thing about having my pick-up at the end of the week is that, because the CSA provides SO many veggies (enough for sides for a family of four or to feed two vegetarians!), I can bring the ones I doubt I will use down the shore so that none of the food goes to waste. 

Because of my (over the top?) excitement, I will be adding a new Friday post that chronicles my CSA pick-up. Obviously most of my meals moving forward will incorporate the veggies I get, but if I have any unusual ones I will also share the recipe I use for that specific vegetable. Now all I need is a new logo and name for the weekly posts! Suggestions welcome :-)

In the meantime, the Tone It Up community I'm a part of is participating in a 5 day slim down, part of the diet plan I subscribe to. Of course the food isn't really thrilling, so I stick pretty close to the plan during the day but change up the dinners. However, I make sure to focus on their key principles, which include hydrating with at least 70 oz of water, eating small meals frequently, focusing on green foods and not eating starch late in the day. 

Here is my plan for the meals that follow their principles!

Monday: salmon with avocado salsa (similar to this recipe)

Tuesday: baked chicken (WHY DON'T I HAVE A GRILL!) with roasted corn salsa

Wednesday: salade exotique (a salad my mum, aunt and I are obsessed with from St. Maarten)

Thursday: dinner out (here! very excited to try paella for the first time)

I'll probably be heading down the shore again on Friday so I'm not bothering to plan meals beyond Thursday, since I'll have to discuss with the fam what we'll be cooking. 

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